Yulia Blavier
Hypnosis Practitioner
A hypnosis practitioner for 4 years, I will help you solve all kinds of problems related to the different aspects of your life with the help of a powerful instrument: hypnosis.
Hypnosis - is a scientifically recognized technique that, in the hands of a professional, helps people solve various problems, both psychological and physical. I myself experienced this technique during a difficult period of my life and it helped me to eliminate a number of problems. After feeling the effects of hypnosis, I decided to help people get rid of their problems too. So I found my vocation. The active study of hypnosis has enabled me to achieve my goal and begin to help those in need.
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Kristina KO
Yulia's hypnotherapy sessions with me helped me lose weight. It was 58 size, and after the end of the sessions already 46. I am so glad, I updated my wardrobe and my husband became more attentive to me. If you have a goal, Julia will help you achieve it, but only if you will listen to it and also make efforts for it yourself. Julia thank you very much, you are an excellent specialist.
Yuri Ivanov
Taxi driver
It's amazing that I just did not try, but the habit did not leave me. For 11 years, I smoked, tried many times to quit unsuccessfully, and even health problems were not the motivation to overcome my bad habit. After reading on the Internet about how to get rid of a bad habit with the help of hypnosis, I decided to try it and turned to Yulia. I did not expect, but after the work of Julia with me, I quit smoking, after a long inseparable 11 years. Julia thanks for the help.
Adam Black
Julia is an amazing person and a more amazing specialist who helps to achieve the desired result. I am a doubting person and for a long time my internal prejudices and attitudes in my head prevented me from achieving success and enjoying life. I came across the site of Julia and turned to her for help and you know, now I decided to take the most important step in my life which I was so afraid of and opened my own business. Now I am free from fear and go to my goal. Julia, thank you so much for this, I do not know what I would do without you.
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Yulia Vorontsova Blavier
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