A person's life is divided between three states. The two main ones are wakefulness and sleep. The third, the trance, is an intermediate state, between waking and sleeping that can be reached naturally or through meditation or hypnosis.

Sleep usually occupies about one-third of a person's life. And this is no coincidence, because this recovery phase is essential for proper functioning in a state of standby.

Sleep disorders are very difficult to bear. And there are many variations: difficulty falling asleep, early awakening, nightmares, etc. Sleep disorders are usually observed in people who are ill, have psychological or personal problems.

The common reasons for complaining about insomnia or nightmares are to be found either in the psychological problems you face during waking hours or in diseases that worsen during the night. Most often, sleep problems are also associated with difficulties in moving from sleep to wakefulness, when a person simply cannot move his or her nervous system disturbed by thoughts to a calm and serene state, necessary to find sleep. Fear is also a frequent companion of insomnia, whether it is the fear of not being able to fall asleep, the fear of something concrete, or a present but undefinable fear.

Remember that chronic sleep disorders can become the source of more serious problems. Insomnia affects intellectual abilities, the nervous system and the body weakens. The risk of accidents increases

To help overcome fears, dealing with insomnia or sleep disorders, working with a therapist can be very beneficial in the long term. This work will reveal the real causes of sleep problems. The therapist will be able to give recommendations for their early resolution and will control the healing process.
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