If you are overweight, it is likely that you have developed a habit of using food to deal with the strong emotions that you for some reason do not want to experience. You may even stop distinguishing between real hunger and hunger and the desire to eat. You may strongly want to eat, even if you are not hungry, if you are experiencing strong emotions, because you can take this emotional state for hunger.

For example, you don't have enough love and attention - to compensate for this shortage, you want to eat something. Either you have problems with parents, or you are tired at work, you are sad, someone has offended you, or you don't feel safe, or you are bored and have nothing to do - you could get into the habit of "eating" these emotions. In this case, the food transforms for you from an energy source for the body to an antidepressant, whose side effects are fat deposits!

Another reason may be the lack of knowledge about healthy nutrition and the physiological needs of your body. You can be wrong about how much food you need to be active, thin and healthy.

In addition, people who dream of losing weight lose their unconscious inner perception of their bodies - the "body model". This model is created by our brain and constitutes our unconscious notion of the size of the whole body, its location in space and the limits of our body, and also the degree of mobility and freedom of movement. It is very important to understand that this is an unconscious internal representation, which you cannot even identify.

The optimal way to solve the problem of overweight is through correctional assistance from the therapist. The psychotherapy methods used for people with obesity are designed to solve two tasks: reduce body weight and keep it within the norm for many years. If you have already tried all the means for weight loss, but have not achieved the desired result, you can use another method: Ericksonian hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is able to deal with many problems, helping you to replace your negative beliefs at the unconscious level and find a creative and intuitive solution to your problem. This is because the creative capacities of a person and an intuition are in the unconscious part of the psyche, and hypnosis makes it possible to communicate directly with the unconscious. This is why hypnosis is characterized by such high efficacy and refers to methods of brief correction, as opposed to psychoanalysis, for example, which can last for years.

Psychological correction will provide effective help to reduce excessive body weight without applying extreme efforts, without mental suffering and mental suffering, as in the process of continuous psychotherapeutic sessions, the labour specialist seeks to the patient root causes that lead to overweight.
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