Everyone fully understands what sex means to us, because it is one of the most important elements of our lives. This is indeed the case. The person who is not satisfied with his or her sexual life cannot succeed in any other field of activity: work, personal life, etc.

Sexual problems affect both men and women. Most often, the problem is in the minds of patients. They are incredibly complex, they are afraid to express their feelings, they hide things, they don't talk about them much and, as a result, problems arise. Men suffer from a lack of attention, they develop problems with the genitourinary system, they become irritable angry etc. Women, in turn, also suffer from depression, psychosis and various illnesses. Why is this happening? This is because in most cases, sexual problems are psychological in nature:

- Fear of sex;

- Fear of feeling disappointed;

- Shyness at the side of the partner;

- Fear of disappointing a partner;

All this can lead to conflicts between partners or the inability to listen to the partner's sexual desires.

Psychotherapy of sexual problems has become very important in medical practice, because in almost all cases of sexual abuse, the psychological factors affecting the rapist's personality play a major role. To date, psychotherapy allows you to influence the psychological component of sexual problems. In addition, psychotherapy for sexual problems should be considered a first-rate method, as it can be used as a comprehensive treatment.

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