Bad habits – are all those habits that do not contribute anything positive to a person's health or development, but on the contrary hinder the maintenance of a normal lifestyle, the achievement of goals and all possibilities. Little by little they become a necessity, a need. Bad habits begin to develop when a person seeks comfort that is sometimes impossible to achieve because of the context (stress, depression...). Consequently, we then look for ways that will help to cope with these circumstances, for example:

- Eat good things like sweets (most often)
- Listen to music
- Playing sports
- Playing video games
- practice hobbies

With the moderate use of the above means, a person can free himself from his concerns and return to his previous life. But when these habits begin to take the place of the essential things, we can start talking about addiction. Experts say it is a way to ignore your real difficulties and problems, by actively consuming any "product". This phenomenon affects the inner balance, slows down development, and we can even start to regress. The main bad habits include smoking, alcoholism, eating disorders, drug use, compulsive shopping, video games. These addictions are the most frequent in today's society.

As a general rule, the following symptoms indicate the appearance of bad habits:

1. Lack of responsibility, discipline, seriousness. This explains many of the disputes between young people and their parents. Because although they have very high requirements, they are not in a position to satisfy them themselves.

2. Lack of motivation, lack of aspirations. Used to living "here and now", without worrying about the future and the consequences of bad habits, we feel unhappy, dissatisfied, bored. It is a state of mind often perceptible in people who are uncertain, with low self-esteem.

3. Communication difficulties. This problem concerns people who are not able to establish contact easily. Such people have difficulties in relationships with their relatives, their colleagues. They can also be very influenced.

Yet, by solving these behavioural problems, bad habits that have already become a part of a person's life can be overcome.

These problems are almost always psychological in origin. The most effective way to deal with bad habits that are protected and justified by conscience is therefore to address the unconscious. A hypnotherapist can do this work and eliminate bad habits.
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