Anxiety attacks are a common phenomenon among people with increased anxiety. The modern pace of life with its frequent conflicts, its anxious political situation, its repeated changes in all areas of life and the increase in the flow of information, can put an anxious person in such a state of nervousness that it will be difficult or even impossible for him to cope without the help of a therapist.

The anxiety attack manifests itself intensely, develops rapidly and lasts several minutes. Such attacks, triggered by certain situations, psychotherapists call them phobias, which they subdivide according to the provocative cause. For example, the impossibility of being in a closed space is called claustrophobia, and panic in the presence of a large number of people is called agoraphobia.

Psychotherapists divide states of anxiety into two types: paroxysmal (anxiety attacks) and chronic (a state of constant anxiety). Such phenomena are often accompanied by symptoms that can be associated with cardiovascular disease: dizziness, feeling weak, strong palpitations, heart pain. They can also cause excessive sweating and shortness of breath.

If you have at least three or four of these symptoms, you can call it an anxiety attack.

In anxiety psychotherapy, the classic method used during treatment is cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy, aimed at eliminating panic attacks. The therapist explains the reasons for the appearance of these disorders. Then he teaches the patient to overcome his own fears independently, using meditation, visualization and appropriate breathing techniques. With the help of a psychotherapist, it is possible to break the vicious circle that leads to panic attacks.

There is also a body therapy that corrects the level of fear and panic. In this case, the training will be oriented towards relaxation and relaxation.

Ericksonian hypnosis, the most common technique, aims to inspire a sense of security for the patient.

It is impossible to face phobias alone. At the first signs of anxiety and fear attacks, it is therefore always necessary to turn to a psychotherapist who will diagnose and determine the appropriate treatment to get out of this state.
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