People tend to define their depressed state or bad mood by the word depression. Some, on the contrary, do not consider emotional and psychological changes ñ as a disease, accusing people of weakness of mind and reluctance to fight laziness or other "bad habits". Depression from the perspective of specialists is a psychological problem that affects the functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system, it can be accompanied by hormonal changes, deficiency of serotonin and dopamine, the hormones responsible for good mood and normal sleep. A depressed person is not only frustrated, but also gradually or suddenly detaches himself from the outside world and is engaged in self-denigration.

It is believed that heredity, a tendency to self-denigration and permanent stress may be sufficient for depression to become chronic. The trigger for depression can be a disagreement with colleagues or family members, the loss of a lover or close friend (separation or death of a person). The likelihood of developing the disease is high among retired people, who do not imagine their lives without work, feel confused and frightened. Experts have determined that the propensity for depression can be inherited - these people are more sensitive to failure and stress. The cause of depression in these people can even be a happy event - the birth of a child or a marriage, when a person experiences an intense positive emotion, which is later replaced by deep sadness and confusion.

How to detect this disease in yourself or a loved one? Carefully observe the behaviour and be careful if the person no longer shows interest in work, leisure and social life. The person begins to lose weight suddenly or on the contrary. The person may suffer from regular insomnia, or spend all their free time in bed. People in a state of depression become irritable and angry for the slightest reason, they isolate themselves in their inner world, not wanting to communicate with their friends and family. They lose energy, health deteriorates, disgust for themselves is increased by a constant feeling of guilt. In cases without any treatment, the patient begins to think about suicide.

If symptoms appear in you or in someone in your family, it is helpful to consult your doctor to calm the symptoms, and make an appointment with a psychotherapist to get rid of the causes of depression.
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